Do you know how climate change is about to bite you in the…profit margin?

Well, you’re not alone.

When faced with the enormity of climate change and how it is impacting every investment portfolio, almost none of us know where to even begin looking. But all of us are seeing costs rising. Insurance premiums are going up fast – and in some places you can’t even buy insurance anymore. Utility costs are rising and will continue to do so. Large weather events are hitting our buildings and causing more damage more often.

Are you prepared for the precise changes that are creeping into your geographic area?

Most likely not.

I speak to EVERYONE who doesn’t ask “Why do bad things happen to good people?” but who, rather, asks “What can good people do when bad things happen?”

Does your event need a challenging, forward-thinking keynote speaker, panelist or session leader?

Climate change is here and it is currently throwing industry and business out of kilter on a global scale.  Real estate is a worldwide industry and climate change is looming over the profitability of our assets.  No aspect of the real estate industry is free from the consequences of climate change.

But where do you even begin to learn how to assess and plan for the ramifications of this massive paradigm shift?

BL Sheldon’s innovative and contemporary approaches provide your event attendees with the knowledge they will need to understand and navigate the often harrowing changes and challenges now and looming ahead.

Her clear voice and vibrant, engaged communication style rivets attendees while giving them the precise tools they need to meet current and emerging threats with confidence, innovation, creativity and deft efficiency.

Uniquely tailored events

Every industry, every business, every government entity and every homeowner is currently being hit by climate change. Costs are rising in every category; insurance, utilities, infrastructure, transportation, retail.

Sheldon will create a unique event for any industry that provides them with real-world ways to address these challenges head-on. If your attendees fall into any of these areas, they will walk away from the event with practical answers .

  • Real Estate Investors of all types and sizes
  • Commercial and Residential Realtors and Brokers
  • Developers
  • Insurance Industry
  • Mortgage Industry
  • Institutional Lenders
  • City Planning Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Appraisers
  • Property Inspectors
  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Investment/REIT Managers
  • Credit Rating Organizations
  • City Zoning, Planning Departments, and more


B.L. Sheldon is a foremost authority and world leader in communicating the ways climate change and global weather events impact our real estate and business investing profitability.

She is an active investor, consultant, speaker and mentor in the areas of Innovative Negotiation, Climate Change Risk Identification and Analysis, Property Management, Landlord/Tenant Relationships, Real Estate Investment Analysis, Creative Real Estate Financing, and Personal and Professional Development.

Education and Experience:

B.L. Sheldon has her MS in the field of Psychology and taught at the college level for almost a decade. She is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated businesses in the areas of Psychology, Real Estate, Publishing, and Online Retail. She also hosted a long-running daily radio show focusing on news and current events.

Being an active and passionate real estate investor for over 25 years both as an individual and in partnership with others, she has invested in various aspects of real estate. Her investments include single family homes, quick-turn properties, short-term rentals, and multifamily properties in both residential and commercial sectors. She invests in many geographic areas throughout the US.

Ever-focused on making well-researched investment decisions with a conscious plan, an eye to the future and a clear understanding of the numbers, she finds value in owning, managing and consulting in every sector of the real estate asset class. BL Sheldon is a contributing writer on Bigger Pockets, the US’ largest online real estate investment community.

Ms Sheldon is a skilled and passionate researcher – a fact that led her to write the first-of-it’s-kind book Fearless: Real Estate Investing In The Era Of Climate Change. Fearless is a comprehensive how-to guide to protecting your property investments from the increasing destruction presented by climate change.

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