Fire Weather forecast for real estate investors

fire weather in the forecast
fire weather in the forecast
I wanted to share this article from The Insurance Journal with you. Fire Weather is a new term being associated with the concept of chronic massive fire seasons and real estate investors need to take notice. 2019 was a devastating year for fires over the entire globe.  Massive fires burned — and in some cases are still burning — on every continent and over extraordinary areas.  Forests, farms, homes and businesses have been leveled by these fires. As real estate investors we are increasingly impacted by these risks to our property and our assets. 53 scientific research papers in the last 7 years have pointed out the clear links between the change in the climate and the dangerous trajectory we are on, promoting aggressive wildfires and the extensive of fire seasons around the globe. This reality creates an increase in the frequency and severity of what scientists are calling “fire weather”. Taking action on the ways that you can protect your properties and assertively begin to manage the risk could be the difference not only between profit and loss, but between life and death. Matthew Green of the Insurance Journal elaborates in this article Climate Scientists Warn that Australia’s Bushfires Could Become the New Normal.
If this is the new normal, massive wildfire destruction during Fire Weather, what does that mean for your real estate investments? 

Do you have any investments in areas threatened by wildfires?

If you do, what are you doing to protect your investments? 

B.L. Sheldon

B. L. Sheldon is an author, speaker, social entrepreneur, researcher, active real estate investor and a psychotherapist. In her groundbreaking book, Fearless: Real Estate Investing In The Era Of Climate Change, she tackles the intersection of real estate and climate change. In a calm, clear, accessible style, Sheldon provides real estate investors and business owners with actionable steps to climate-proof their investment portfolio.

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