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Fearless Real Estate Investing In The Era Of Climate Change

She does not offer a book on what she calls Real Estate 101. Nor does she go into the political, social, cultural, economic, and environmental complications surrounding climate change. Instead, Sheldon discusses how climate change ultimately impacts the real estate investment market in great detail. Drawing upon anecdotes and empirical data, Sheldon writes a persuasive and powerful book that change the way readers will think.

Amy Amazon

With whole towns being destroyed by firestorms that create their own weather, by now-annual 100-year floods, by seas that require entire island nations to relocate, why isn’t this a bigger topic among real estate investors?

V.K. Good Reads

Ever since reading this book I have found myself quoting excerpts that “wow” my listeners.

It taught me how to guide my clients and how to answer questions about why insurance coverage is shifting and changing as a result of climate change. That is probably the strongest take away I have utilized over and over again after reading Fearless. It gives insight on how important it is to pay attention to what insurance actuaries are finding insurable, high risk, and uninsurable. What a genius recommendation.

Tim Amazon

BL makes it clear there is a lot we can do and this book is perfect for people ready to work

Tianna Good Reads