Fearless Real Estate Investing In The Era Of Climate Change

Fearless Real Estate Investing In The Era Of Climate Change

“The game is changing. It’s imperative you learn the new rules, and once you have them at your command, you must use them to your advantage.”

From Fearless: Real Estate Investing in the Era of Climate Change

“Sheldon takes a complex, bleak topic and presents it in a concise yet entertaining way that empowers readers with information and suggestions.”

J.H. California Appraiser

“This comprehensive book describes all the issues, but most importantly gives the reader a step-by-step guide for what to do, who to talk to, what questions to ask experts (and yourself). She basically says don’t panic…but DON’T WAIT. The book really lit a fire under me, in exactly the way I needed. I heartily recommend it.”

C. R. (former) N.J. Investor

Fearless Real Estate Investin In The Era Of Climate Change

In FEARLESS: Real Estate Investing In The Era Of Climate Change, B.L. Sheldon has one single objective, to give you a rock-solid how-to plan to thrive as a real estate investor in the era of global climate change. You will learn how to become a FEARLESS real estate investor. FEARLESS gives you a clear understanding of how climate change is impacting your real estate investments right NOW – and how it will continue to do so in the future.

B. L. Sheldon is a social entrepreneur, researcher, psychotherapist, an active real estate investor for 0ver 25 years.

As a public speaker and a consultant specializing in change management, trauma adaptation and motivational theory, Sheldon is committed to the power all of us possess to make positive, effective and sustainable change.

“B.L. Sheldon teaches you how to go about making wise investments with the knowledge you gain about climate change’s impact on real estate, so you can be set up quite spectacularly for the long-run.”

California Investor

“After reading the book I feel like I know what issues I need to consider, some were common sense and some I never thought of, and how to properly research them.”

Toronto Investor