Climate change ravages American Farmers

All land is not created equal. We have a special relationship with the land that feeds us. But we are not paying very close attention.

The breadbasket of the United States, defined by those family farms spread out as checkered squares we fly over in the center of the country, are richly enmeshed in the storied history that defines iconic American ideals. These landscapes of fertile soil and rolling fields anchor our perception of American security and independence.

But those same lands, laying out across the American Midwest, are suffering greatly, as are the families trying to keep those farms alive. The ability to thrive as a farmer has faded into history. Subsistence is all that’s left.

The danger, damage and devastation brought by climate change has become a costly reality, its impact on the future a sad certainty.

This Politico article  by Scott Mahaskey in photos and description details the evolving trauma.

B.L. Sheldon

B. L. Sheldon is an author, speaker, social entrepreneur, researcher, active real estate investor and a psychotherapist. In her groundbreaking book, Fearless: Real Estate Investing In The Era Of Climate Change, she tackles the intersection of real estate and climate change. In a calm, clear, accessible style, Sheldon provides real estate investors and business owners with actionable steps to climate-proof their investment portfolio.

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